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We provide fully integrated systems to produce on-site high quality hydrogen
Our target is to help our customers to save money now and to pave the way to the green future mobility

Soluciones para producción in-situ de H2 de alta calidad

Ahorrar costes para la industria hoy y hacer posible la movilidad de mañana.
What we do

Our world is to produce on-site high-quality hydrogen



Our proprietary technology supported by various patents makes the difference. Thanks to the know-how of advanced A-SMR reactor design,

we are a hightech!



To save costly transportation and avoid to waste compression energy, with no leaks linked to the compression/ decompression phases.


Relevant reduction of cost for available Nm3 of Hydrogen.


On-site production avoids energy waste for compression, transportation and leaks.


Combine our systems to achieve the desired production level: from 2 Nm3/h to what you need, with maximum availability.
Our solutions

Nominal hydrogen flow (Nm3/h) 2 - 5 20 50
Hydrogen purity range (%) 98,00 - 99,99 98,00 - 99,99 98,00 - 99,99
H2 from NG conversion Yield (%) 50 - 65,0 50 - 65,0 50 - 65,0
Size (ft) 20 40 40

All data and values are indicative and based on nominal and non-frost conditions.
Values might differ due to local circumstances and feedstock characteristics.
Normal condition (Nm3) is defined at a temperature of 0 ° C and pressure of 1,013 bar (a)

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Where to find hydrogen


On-site H2 production makes the unthinkable possible: to supply high-quality hydrogen at a low cost, produced from NG. Hydrogen gas is used in different processes such as to protect materials from oxidation, create controlled atmospheres, react with various raw materials or hydrogenate fats and oils.


As green hydrogen can be produced by taking advantage of renewable flows and feedstock such as BIOGAS, BIOETHANOL, or BIOMETHANOL, this technology is a vital tool in bridging the gap towards a fully sustainable and carbon-neutral economy. If the circular economy is one of the biggest world's challenges, we can make it a reality thanks to the application of our patented membrane technology.


Applications and processes that require separation of flows with low H2 content, present in NG and other gases, will allow for high purity hydrogen to be recovered from the grid.


Centralised or distributed systems allowing H2 storage are key in this area of application. Fuel Cell power makes H2 distribution a reality, as a replacement system for empty FC and especially in mobility-related applications.

H2 and CHP

The combined production of hydrogen and other flows (heat, power, CO, CO2, etc.) is achieved by adding different modules to our systems, resulting in the highest efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

We started servicing the industry, but our future is tied-up the green mobility

Our History

+ 10 years of continuous evolution

All started 10 years ago, when TECNALIA, the Technological Research and Development Centre, and the Technological University of EIndhoven-TUE began collaborating on European projects around metal deposition technologies.

In 2018 we won the second EARTO Innovation award.

In 2019 the company was founded in Bilbao.

2020 has been the year of acceleration towards commercial customers, thanks to ENGIE’s investment in the company, through its corporate venture capital arm ENGIE New Ventures.


H2SITE History

Who we are?

H2SITE is formed by professionals with long experience and diverse backgrounds.
Some of us have been in the project from the beginning. We accumulate relevant scientific and technological experience. Others have joined more recently with experience in the commercial, management and production fields to realize business development and market growth.

Our people
Dr. Jon Melendez Rey

Dr. Jon Melendez Rey

Technical Director Membrane Engineering


Chemist by the University of Navarra (ES), he studied a Master’s Degree on Material Engineering and he obtained his PhD Cum Laude in 2017 at University of Basque Country (ES) on Advanced Material Engineering.

He has been always linked to research fields, working at Lurederra Technological Center (ES) before starting his PhD at Tecnalia in collaboration with the University of Basque Country. During the PhD he has been focused on the development of Pd-based supported membranes as an attractive hydrogen separation technology and studying their performance under different process conditions. He was also in an internship during seven months in Chemical Process Intensification (SPI) at Eindhoven University of Technology (NL).

In the last 3 years, he has been focused on the integration of membranes hydrogen production and separation systems as well as their performance during validation tests and in charge of scaling-up the membrane fabrication processes. Furthermore, he has participated in several EU, almost related to hydrogen generation and/or recovery systems.

Since 2020 he joined H2SITE team with the aim of developing the membrane technology and their integration in membrane reactors technology.

Dr. José Antonio Medrano

Dr. José Antonio Medrano

Technical Director Process Engineering


Chemical engineer by the University of Zaragoza (ES), he obtained his PhD Cum Laude in 2017 at Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) on chemical engineering.

During the PhD, he developed and demonstrated an innovative solution based on membrane reactors for H2 generation integrating CO2 capture techniques. The main activities related to his research period dealt with process design, techno-economic assessments, design of reactors, and the development of integrated prototypes reaching a TRL5 maturity level. After the PhD he continued at TU/e as research assistant, and teaching courses on process design and safety in the chemical industry.

In the last years, he has participated in several EU and national projects, where almost all lo them were related to H2 generation/recovery systems.

Since 2020 he is part of the H2SITE team, with the ambition to develop integrated systems for H2 generation based on membrane reactors technology..

H2SITE in associations and platforms

We promote awareness based on the diffusion of the use of hydrogen in all areas, from industry to green mobility. For this reason, we maintain and develop an active role wherever we are.

Spanish Technological Platform of
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

(March 2020)

Biscay Province Association of
Chemical Companies

(January 2020)

Spanish Technological Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, part of Suschem Europe
(April 2020)

Basque Energy Cluster
(May 2020)

Word Alliance for efficient solutions by Solar Impulse Foundation
(June 2020)


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Membrane reactors for H2generation

On-site high-quality hydrogen production systems

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