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H2SITE new member of the Spanish Technological Platform for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (PTE-HPC)

H2SITE new member of the Spanish Technological Platform for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (PTE-HPC)

The Steering Group of the Spanish Technological Platform for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (PTE-HPC) has accepted H2SITE's candidacy as a member of it and its most relevant working groups.

H2SITE new member of the Spanish Technological Platform for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (PTE-HPC)

H2STIE promotes awareness based on the diffusion of the use of hydrogen in all areas, from industry to green mobility. For this reason, it maintains and develops an active participation in relevant forums and platforms that make its activity known.

An energy and mobility system must be based on as many energy sources as possible and on the greatest possible diversity of the technology portfolio. Only with mobility and energy solutions with minimal environmental impact, based on innovative technologies, with guaranteed availability and safety, will it be possible to respond to the challenges of society today and in the future.

Specifically, within PTE-HPC, H2SITE has been accepted in the Coordination Group of National and International Programs, as well as in the Working Groups on Hydrogen Production and Hydrogen Uses, framed within the Strategy Group.

H2SITE is a technology start-up based in the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, owned by TECNALIA and Engie New Ventures, It will exploit a technology developed by TECNALIA and Eindhoven University of Technology. The technology is based on the intensification of processes, through advanced membrane reactors, managing to maximize the efficiency of the hydrogen production process and minimizing the necessary resources (energy, space and raw materials, among others). The main innovation is that this technology enables economically viable small and medium scale hydrogen production on-site, a fact that current centralized production and transportation have prevented to date. H2site has been incubated by TECNALIA Ventures, the center's business accelerator, and it is the 12th industrial-oriented company created in recent years.

PTE-HPC is an initiative promoted by the Spanish Hydrogen Association- Asociación Española del Hidrógeno and protected by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation The main objective of the PTE-HPC is to facilitate and accelerate the development and use in Spain of systems based on fuel cells and hydrogen, in their different technologies, for application in transport, the stationary sector and the laptop. In the Platform, which covers the entire R & D & I chain, numerous entities from the national scene participate, the link between which is the promotion of innovation around hydrogen and fuel cells.

Membrane reactors for H2generation

On-site high-quality hydrogen production systems

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