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The purpose of this legal notice is to establish and regulate the terms of use of the website (from this point forward, referred to as the ‘Website’), understood to mean all of its pages and contents which are accessed via the Website itself and its sub-domains.

1. Identity and ownership of the Website

In accordance with your right to information, protected under Article 10 of Law 34/2002, enacted the 11th of July, by Services of the Information Society and E-commerce, we hereby inform you of the following information in relation to the ownership of the Website:

Owner: HYDROGEN ONSITE SL (from this point forward referred to as, “THE COMPANY”)
Address: Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia - Astondo Bidea - Edificio 700 - 48160 Derio (Bizlkaia)
Tax Identification Number.: B95955316
Registration information: Registered at the Registro Mercantil de Bizkaia, Tomo 5854, Folio 113, Inscripción 1, Hoja BI-73398

2. Conditions of Use

By accessing, using, navigating and/or viewing the content of this Website, you are subject from the beginning, to the condition of User of the Website. Therefore, if you continue navigating, it is understood that you expressly, voluntarily and without any doubt, accept the below conditions in this Legal Notice, which will be applied independently of the General Contract Conditions which you are obliged to follow. On the contrary, if you decide to not accept the present conditions, you should abstain from accessing or continuing to navigate and/or viewing the content of this Website.
By accepting these conditions, this implies that as a user you:

Access to the present Website is free, notwithstanding the cost you must pay to your corresponding telecommunications network provider for access to the internet. As a user of this Website, you assume the responsibility for how you use it and you agree to appropriately use the information, content and services offered by THE COMPANY by means of the Website (among other things, chat services, discussion forums and newsgroups) and including but not limited to, you shall not use this information to:

THE COMPANY is not responsible under any circumstances for the opinions published by users in forums, chats or any other participation tool made available by them.
Notwithstanding the above, THE COMPANY reserves the right to deny or take away access to the Website and/or its contents or services offered through it without prior warning to those users who do not comply with this Legal Notice, as well as to prosecute the noncompliance with this Legal Notice by whatever means necessary.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights

In relation to all of the content elements of this Website, including but not limited to, images, audios, videos, software, texts, icons, buttons, designs, source codes, color combinations, other necessary elements for the functioning of the Website, as well as its brands or logos, commercial names or other distinctive industrial signs, or any others liable to industrial use, they are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights of which THE COMPANY is holder or license-holder of express authorization for their use, public communication and inclusion in this Website from the legal holders.
The use of this Website will under no circumstances give the user authorization or license of any sort, nor will it carry out renunciation, transmission, cession in whole or in part of the intellectual, industrial or image property rights, nor does it give any expectation of rights without previous explicit written consent by THE COMPANY or the legal holders of such rights.
In particular, you, as a user, are not authorized to modify, alter, copy, reuse, reinterpret, exploit, reproduce, publicly disclose, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, transmit or distribute the contents in any way, whether in whole or in part, or carry out any other action for commercial purposes with the contents of this Website, except in cases permitted by law or by virtue of express written authorization from THE COMPANY or the legal holders of the corresponding exploitation rights.
Nevertheless, you are allowed to view the elements of this Website and even print, download and save them on a hard drive on your computer or on any other piece of hardware, provided that it is only and exclusively for your personal and private use.
It is expressly prohibited for you to use any of the contents to carry out any illicit or illegal activity, or any activity against good faith and public order, such as eliminating or modifying any mention of the holder of any of the intellectual or industrial rights, included in the contents of this Website. 
Any unauthorized use of the Website without previous authorization from THE COMPANY, or in this case, from the legal holders of the exploitation rights, will be considered a serious noncompliance with such rights and could lead to relevant legal action.

4. Exclusion of liability

THE COMPANY declares that, in order to guarantee the functioning of the Website and avoid the existence of and transmission of any viruses and other damaging components to users, it has, to the best of its ability and with the best technology possible, adopted all of the necessary measures. Nevertheless, THE COMPANY neither guarantees nor takes responsibility for: (i) the continuation and availability of the content and services; (ii) the absence of errors in such content or the correction of any possible defect (iii) the absence of viruses and/or other damaged components; (iv) damage or harm caused by any person that violates the security systems of THE COMPANY.
Additionally, the content and/or content information on this Website must be understood as merely illustrative and informational, and therefore THE COMPANY does not take responsibility in any way for the integrity, accuracy or effectiveness of such information, and thus remains exempt from any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility towards those users that utilize this information for a particular purpose

5. Modifications

THE COMPANY reserves the right to, at any moment, modify the conditions contained in this Legal Notice, taking into consideration its evolution and the content offered, reserving the right to modify, add, or eliminate, at any time, and unilaterally, any of these terms of use if deemed necessary, whether for legal or technical reasons, or due to a change in the availability of the Website, without the obligation to advise or make public such modifications, being understood to be sufficient their publishing on the Website itself.

6. Links policy

In the event that this Website contains any links or hyperlinks to other websites, THE COMPANY has no control over such websites and their content. THE COMPANY will in no case assume any responsibility for the content of any link belonging to an external website, nor will it guarantee the technical functioning, quality, reliability, accuracy, amplitude, veracity, validity and constitutionality of any material or information contained in any stated hyperlinks or other websites.
When applicable, such links will be provided only as a means to inform users about the existence of other sources of information about a specific topic, and by no means does a link or hyperlink imply that there is a relationship of any type, collaboration or dependency between THE COMPANY and the manager of the hyperlinked external website. Likewise, THE COMPANY, neither guarantees, represents, patronizes, nor endorses any hyperlinked third-party sites.
Thus, if you decide to visit any hyperlinked websites, you recognize and accept that you do so of your own accord and that it is your exclusive responsibility to take all of the necessary measures to protect yourself against any virus or other damaging content that could derive from such a website. You are also aware that the established terms and conditions of the website in question apply to you and that the manager of such a website is the person who appears in the corresponding legal notice. This all holds true even though you may have accessed the external website via a hyperlink made available to you on this Website.

7. Privacy Policy

THE COMPANY ensures full compliance with its corresponding obligations as the one in charge of the use of your personal information, as well as being the one in charge of any other attributable obligation in accordance with the current and applicable, national and European regulations, in particular with both the Data Protection Regulation (UE) 2016/679 and the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights. Thereupon, we inform you that we gather, utilize and store certain personal information when necessary to lend our services and for our operational and business purposes. This is why we make our Privacy Policy available to you (please consult here), to allow you to take informed decisions about the use of your information. 
Without waiving the ways in which can use your information as detailed in our Privacy Policy, we inform you that, via this Website, your personal information will be fundamentally used for the following:

Before sending us your data through a contact form found on the Website, you will be clearly informed of the ways in which it may be used, as well as how many aspects you must take into consideration according to the current applicable regulations.
If you wish to obtain further information about how THE COMPANY uses your personal information via this Website, please see our Privacy Policy here.

8. Cookies Policy

On occasion, THE COMPANY may utilize cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the Website. For information on how we use cookies, please see our Cookies Policy.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Legal Notice shall be interpreted, in all cases, in accordance with Spanish legislation.
In the event that any conflict or discrepancy should arise in the interpretation or application of the present Legal Notice or in relation to the operation and/or use of this Website, the Courts and Tribunals, in this case, will deal with the conflict and they will decide the applicable laws, with regards to competent jurisdiction, as they apply to end consumers in the place where these consumers have their habitual residence. 
In the case that you are a legal person or a non-consumer professional, you expressly accept that such conflicts are subject, with express renunciation of any other regional code of laws, to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Bilbao (Spain).

Last updated: 2020



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