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H2SITE, new member of the Basque Energy Cluster

H2SITE, new member of the Basque Energy Cluster

At the most recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the Basque Energy Cluster, H2SITE was admitted as the Cluster's newest member and invited to join the working group on hydrogen.

H2SITE, new member of the Basque Energy Cluster

H2SITE intends to take an active role in the Cluster, working alongside the other associates and with the group as a whole to raise awareness regarding the benefits of hydrogen, and taking part in joint projects and R&D activities.

H2SITE promotes awareness based on fostering the use of hydrogen in all areas, from industry to green mobility. For this reason, they play an active role at major conferences and platforms, making their activity known on a wider scale.

Ideally, power and mobility systems should be based on the greatest possible number of energy sources and the most diverse array of technologies. Only by using safe, highly available power and mobility solutions, based on innovative technologies and having the least possible environmental impact, can we meet the current and future challenges facing society.

Among the activities being developed by the Cluster, H2SITE has been invited to form part of the working group on hydrogen.

H2SITE is a technology start-up based at Bizkaia Science and Technology Park. It was set up by TECNALIA and ENGIE New Ventures, and uses technology developed by TECNALIA and Eindhoven University of Technology. Its activities are based on process intensification, using advanced membrane reactors as a means to maximise efficiency and minimise the use of resources (energy, space, raw materials, etc.) in hydrogen production. The chief novelty of this technology is that it allows economically viable hydrogen production on site to small and medium scale; this had previously not been possible due to current centralised production and transportation methods. Conceived by TECNALIA Ventures, the centre’s “Venture Builder”, it is the 12th industrial company set up in recent years.

The Basque Energy Cluster is a non-profit organisation which was set up at the end of 1996 within the framework of the Basque Government's policy to foster the competitiveness of the industrial sector. It is currently made up of over one 150 companies and entities active in the energy sector.

The Basque Energy Cluster brings together all the leading companies in the energy sector located in the Basque Country (energy operators, component and equipment manufacturers, engineering companies and service providers), agents of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and public administration bodies involved in the energy field.

Membrane reactors for H2generation

On-site high-quality hydrogen production systems

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